Southern Highlands Paranormal Investigations Group




Got haunts?

SHPIG is dedicated to scientific investigations of the paranormal in any location- public, private, historical, indoors or out. We are group of college-educated professionals by day, who gather at least once a month to explore and document the paranormal. Founded officially in 2011, we offer combined decades of experience in the paranormal research field. Members of SHPIG have also taken part in investigations with many of the most respected and popular people in the field, such as Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson (from TV's "Ghost Hunters"), several other members of the GH and GHI crews, and John Zaffis known for "A Haunting in Connecticut" and TV's "Haunted Collector." So, if you have a haunted location, or need our help with paranormal activity, contact us by following the link above to begin the investigation process. Remember- we are confidential, non-profit, and professional.

The process

After contacting SHPIG, we will conduct interviews and research the location. Our investigation will be conducted using many of the instruments and items seen on the popular paranormal television shows, including KII and Mel Meters, infrared photography and video, motion sensors, temperature gauges, and other audio and video equipment. Your contact with the group does not end when we leave the site. The collected evidence will be analyzed and you will be given a copy after a SHPIG member personally discusses the results of the investigation with you. Even after revealing the evidence and discussing the case with you, SHPIG's job is not done- as we also offer follow-up services (depending on the case). Rest assured that any evidence collected will not be shared with others (unless you grant permission) and only referred to as "private owner" or "private location" on our website and other pages. We pride ourselves in maintaining strict confidentiality with our clients.