Southern Highlands Paranormal Investigations Group

Information about SHPIG...

As stated on the home page, SHPIG is dedicated to investigating the paranormal and helping those in need of our services. We focus our efforts on the Southern Appalachian region of TN, VA, NC, KY, and WV. Listed on the paranormal directory website, our group, officially founded in 2011, has taken part in over one dozen investigations at different locations, including both private and public, and historical and not. As mentioned on the home page, many of us have also taken part in investigations with several pioneers and familiar faces in the field. Whether it is popular local haunt Sensabaugh Tunnel (Kingsport, TN) or as-seen-on-TV sites like St. Albans Hospital(Radford, VA) and the Major Graham Mansion (Max Meadows, VA), SHPIG has conducted themselves professionally.

Say you do not have a haunted location, yet are interested in "ghost hunting" and possibly becoming a member of SHPIG, contact the group via the link above (18 and older only) and we may be in the position to investigate with you and maybe add you to the group.

Along with this website, we are currently updating our Facebook and Youtube pages where evidence from our past investigations and updates about the group will be available.